I thoroughly enjoy working in 3D animation; it allows me to work closely with the story tellers to create their unique visions, turning their ideas and mine into a gateway that interacts with the audience visually and emotionally, where they come away with just one word for their experience “wow!”

Starting out as a self taught graphic artist working with Maya software, I quickly saw the potential that 3D could have in all facets of media, by informing, entertaining and teaching venues, with this vision I was hooked, I had to learn more and this lead me to the DAVE SCHOOL where I was taught how to use NewTek’s Lightwave and work in a TV/ Film production environment.

I most enjoy character modeling, but have also been tasked in environment modeling animation and lighting in various productions. Many years of experience in photography has also trained my eye in composition, lighting and posing that has greatly benefited me with my 3D work.

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Adventure to Fitness – Animation / Environment Modeler
Orlando Ideas

Get into the Swing of Things – Technical Director/ Character Modeler
Ocean Aire Productions

Planet Blue- Technical Director/ Character Modeler
Secret Legion Productions

Auto B Good- Character/ Environment Modeler
Wet Cement Productions

Roach Approach: Sling shot Slugger – Character / Environment Modeler
Wet Cement Productions

Once Upon a Christmas Village- 3D Artist/ Video Editor
Monkey Chow Productions

Nasa Seals – 3D Artist/ Video Editor
DAVE Studios

BattleStar Galactica: Minimates – Animator
DAVE School

Dragon Fellow- Character /Prop Modeler and Lighting
DAVE School

Batman New Times- 3D Artist
DAVE School